Finola's Dream

Once upon a time, under a full moon starry night, the entire Balts community was sleeping sweetly after the usual full moon rituals, except for a young girl Finola, who could not fall asleep. She felt anxious and was tormented by the feeling that she has not yet accomplished something important in her life. She felt that she has yet not attained self-realization. She could feel a cry of her soul, encouraging her to go and help people. Although her community has encountered a variety of health problems, experienced food, and other necessary material shortages, she didn’t know how to help them, even though she may have sincerely wanted to.


That midnight, at the summer solstice, failing to fall asleep, she got up from her bed and walked up to a nearby mound with extraordinary views of the night sky. Thousands of stars were shining in the sky, and Finola marveled at one of them named Dawn. Hugging an oak, she tried to calm her soul. But she found it extremely difficult. She prayed for everything that surrounded her, from flora and fauna to the life force circulating through the whole world.


Having lit a small fireplace to keep herself from freezing, she prayed for both the fire and the light, and sound crackling from the lit fire. She also prayed incessantly to all the celestial bodies, the moon, the sun, and all the stars shining in the sky. Hugging the oak, she also asked him for help, wisdom, and knowledge to be able to finally understand the cry of her soul. She was wondering what it is that he wants to tell her every day, not allowing her to concentrate on any work or fall asleep at night. She prayed and wept, giving thanks and asking water and land, and a mound on which her tears were dripping, to help her.


The girl, surrounded by fire, the full moon, and the light of the stars, tried to cast her runes made of stones to find out what her future path will be like, and why her soul is so disturbed. While trying to interpret the runes, the same answer kept popping up – to wait. The girl prayed, wept, talked to her surroundings so much until she finally fell asleep from fatigue while hugging a centenarian oak tree. While sleeping sweetly, she experienced a prophetic dream, (she had such a gift from an early age, but has never realized it).


In her dream, a huge crowd was gathering around the campfire. All of them looking up at the sky were drinking green water and muttering “hem-hem-hemp, hemp.” Later, in a dream, a small group of women from her community appeared to the girl. Some of them were sowing seeds, others were sewing something, whereas some other women were picking green leaves. Later the dream occurred next to the fireplace again. This time, however, in the middle of the mound surrounded by people was no longer a bonfire, but Finola herself. They were performing sacrificial rituals and chanting while holding the roots, seeds, and leaves of a green plant.  One after the other, they were placed on the girl’s knees. Everyone was spinning around her, dancing and expressing gratitude to the whole creation for the girl’s discovery.


Later Finola had a dream that she was producing a drink, seeds, and other products that would be used by future people. It was them that looked very very strange to the girl. She has never seen anything like this before. After this image, somebody in a dream whispered to her. “Get up Finola and go, show everyone the green gold created by this earth. It will not only help your community to heal but it will also help everyone to stay strong and healthy, have food and ropes for fishing boats; it will also help unborn babies to stay healthy. Finola, this is the path of your soul.”


The voice disappeared and the girl woke up before dawn. Sweaty, she shook her head trying to escape from such a dream. Waking up and ultimately opening her eyes, she stood up and hurried back towards the villagers. She descended to the path of the mound, a slightly unusual one compared to the one she usually followed. Finola hurried back before anyone noticed that she spend the whole night on the mound all alone. On her way back home, she stumbled over a pebble and fell into a green field full of tall plants with an unusually strong aroma. 


Suddenly she saw the flashbacks from her recent dream once again and experienced a deep awareness. She realized that in her dream her community thanked her for showing the properties, benefits, and the use of this green plant. In a dream, those roots and seeds thrown on the girl’s knees were the deep and powerful roots from the Balts, her ancestors. It is knowledge with a vast and inexhaustible history, traditions, and hemp culture, which, having traveled by the Baltic tribes all over the world, had been forgotten and lost in time.


The girl picked this green plant up and kept repeating while walking so that she would not forget the words uttered in her dream “hem-hem-hemp-hemp-hemp, hem-hem-hemp-hemp-hemp”. Having returned to her community, the girl shared her prophetic dream with all like-minded people and intelligent members of her community. All the men immediately rushed to that field following the girl. Going to the green hemp field, they shook their heads in confusion not being able to understand how come they have never seen it before.

For a long time, they had been testing this plant in every way. They dried it, and weaved it, and sowed it again, and found what would be suitable for their food. A year later, the girl’s dream came true. The Balts’ group of women, after a while obtained hemp seeds from real grain, others sewed clothes with hemp thread, men wrapped ropes for fishing boats and also used ropes to fasten the roofs of their homes. Meanwhile, Finola picked the leaves and boiled the green liquid dish. Each time one or another member of the community fell ill, Finola gave a green liquid dish and instructed everyone not to disturb that person. She would tell a patient to go to sleep. After drinking her green liquid dish, the patient would wake up sometimes after two or three days of deep sleep, feeling healthy, refreshed, and vibrant.


The whole community was extremely delighted about it so that one evening, during the solar return, community members organized a sacrificial ceremony for Finola to express their gratitude. Everything happened exactly as in her dream. Only this time while giving thanks to the entire creation and the girl who found the hemp, the Balts named this hemp after Finola. They ordained Finola to the hemp keeper and healer. Finola was struck by the feeling that she has finally found the path of her soul. She was no longer tormented by the cry of her soul, it just kept leading her forward and helping the girl realize her goals and dreams.


Every year, on the shortest summer night, she would walk on a mound under the full moon sky. Only this time she was no longer alone but with the whole community. Everyone sitting beside the centenarian oak, thanked all creation, the beloved Dawn star, and the full moon for illuminating Finola’s path. When the cry of the soul was leading her to the discovery of the green gold, all creation was with Finola; they were there for her, helping her when she asked them, thanked, prayed, and believed in them.


Several thousand years later, hemp was subject to various fate processes. But today it is back with us again. Hemp, infiltrating the blood of our ancestors has helped to raise many generations. Not only Lithuanian heroes were born from them, but also contemporary children of Lithuania. All of you as well, my dear readers, each and every one of you who is reading this legend at the moment. The Balts’ ancestors provided the girl with valuable knowledge, her mission was to bring people back to nature, to communities, as well as to encourage everyone to live a healthy life and use products from nature.


But do you know why are you reading this? When Finola was still very young, one day while picking hemp, she discovered a dandelion seed head. By blowing the white floaties, she let her dream out into the air asking all the children of the future just like her to discover a connection with nature and learn more about hemp, this green treasure of the earth. She also requested that if she was ever forgotten, there would be a person who would revive hemp as in her times. That one girl who will have a connection to nature, will dream about this legend and write it down on a piece of white paper to ensure the timelessness of the story.

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This legend, written by one girl, traveled for thousands of years until one day it reached the people of Sweden, who were trying to selecting a name for a species of hemp fiber for planting. This specific type of hemp has been used up to this day to produce seeds, press oil, dry flower heads, and leaves for tea. It is used for a variety of other health products as well. Therefore, the Swedes named this species after the girl Finola to thank her for rediscovering this green gift of nature and preserving it with the help of legend.


Many years have passed, many things have changed, but today hemp is experiencing a renaissance, its revival. It is being rediscovered, used again, and greatly valued by people, just like in the olden days of Finola. Many years since this story has been shared, the name hemp was forgotten many times in history. Nowadays, on the summer solstice, the shortest day of the year, people go on a search for a fern flower and perform various rituals. Celebrated by Rasas (rasa-the glistening droplets of dew covering the meadows) and Jonai (eng. Johns), ages ago on the very same night of midsummer celebration, Finola worshipped hemp with her community. 


Although nobody is celebrating the ancient festival worshipping hemp, hemp is gradually returning not only to the farmers’ lives but also to people’s kitchens and medical establishments. Concerning the Balts, they have remained our ancestors. These are our roots, the seeds from which our nation and Lithuanians were born, our grandparents, parents, and we emerged. The Balts’ blood was and is flowing in our veins. They established a unique connection with nature and the plants and extremely treasured their community.


Not sure how about you but we would like to return to nature, gather all of you to a community that promotes a healthy lifestyle, and encourage you to consume significantly more products from nature. It is because all products, not just hemp, are magical as they are grown on our mother earth. We are the children of our ancestors, and through our deeds, we can bring back the spirit of our ancestors and apply all that is good in contemporary life.


Who are we? The same human beings as everyone who walks on this earth. What makes us unique is that we keep creating a variety of products with hemp as Finola did in her days. We dry hemp leaves and buds for tea, make spices, seeds, press oil, mix their extract with honey. With the help of hemp, we want to help your family to create harmony with itself and the world. We want to improve your health and well-being and inspire you to get back to your roots and yourself. We promote togetherness, friendship, connection with nature, and preservation of the values of our ancestors.


Every time, hugging a tree we wonder how amazing it would be to learn about your origin. Who are your ancestors? What is your history? Are these values important to you as well? If so, we would proudly like to invite you to join our community. If this happens that one day we may not be able to gather all together, we would like to encourage you to hug a tree or just imagine yourself hugging a centenarian oak with the whole community and all your loved ones. In your mind create an exclusive dream, draw it in your imagination, write it down and keep it up until you realize that this cry of your soul, your dream, and your desire has already come true. Never forget to follow your wishes, visions, and dreams and transform them into goals; keep pursuing them persistently until you achieve them. Remember that when you do something about achieving your goal, sooner or later everything comes true and comes true even without a dream.